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View of Delft 1.
the "Oostpoort" (Eastern gate)
View of Delft 1.
the "Oostpoort" (Eastern gate)
The outlet of the "Porceleyne Fles"
Delftware on the Market Square.
A bench, made out of shattered Delftware pieces in the yard of the Prinsenhof.
Coats of arms on one of the Guild Houses. View of the Prinsenhof, where William of Orange was murdered.
Guild House The Town Hall and the statue of
Hugo de Groot (Grotius) -1
Decoration on the Cloth Hal of Delft The Town Hall and the statue of
Hugo de Groot (Grotius) -2
View of the Market Square View of a Delft street.
The "Oude Kerk" (Old Church). A Delft street with the tower of the New Church.
The "Nieuwe Kerk" (New Church),
home to the Mausoleum of William of Orange and the tombs of the members
of the Dutch Royal Family, the house of
The Waag, formerly the weighing house of Delft, now a café.


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