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Breda is a small city in the southern Netherlands, in the province of Noord-Brabant  (North Brabant) Province, at the confluence of the Mark and Aa rivers. The population in 2000 was around 160.000 inhabitants..

Breda is a marketing and industrial center, producing refined sugar, soft drinks, beer, and metal goods. Points of interest include the Our Lady's Church, a Gothic church, built mostly in the 15th century, and a 14th-century castle (now a military academy).

Breda received city rights in 1252. In 2000 the city , therefore, celebrated its 750th anniversary.  Strongly fortified early in the 16th century, it was later the center of considerable fighting, notably during the Dutch wars of liberation and the French revolutionary wars.

For the people of the Northern Netherlands, Breda has a kind of "southern" feel about it, since it lies close to the Belgian Border. Belgians often go to Breda because of its relaxed atmosphere and shopping possibilities.

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