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ARNHEM Sightseeing Highlights
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Arnhem was almost entirely destroyed during the Second World War, but the city rose from its ashes and some of the older monuments have been restored. One of them is the "Eusebiuskerk" (Eusebius Church) which was originally built in 1560, but almost entirely destroyed during the war. The tower of the church is now higher than ever before (93 m). A glass elevator provides the visitor with a splendid view over the Rhine valley. The so-called "Duivelshuis" (devil's house) was built in 1545 by Maarten van Rossum and is an example of Dutch Renaissance style.  Also, don't forget to take a stroll in Arnhem's beautiful parks, such as : Sonsbeek (English country style park) and Zypendaal.

The actual Battle of Arnhem took place in
Oosterbeek, about 8km (5 miles) west of Arnhem. The Oosterbeek War Cemetery is the place where the bodies of 1.748 allied soldiers lie. Arnhem rates a half-day visit when you want to enjoy the sights near the center but add more time if you want to see the Airborne Museum in nearby Grote Hartensteyn ( a former hotel) where the story of the Battle can be traced.

Art lovers will want to visit the
Museum of Modern Art or the Historical Museum.  While in town see the Dutch Open Air Museuma collection of buildings and costumes from throughout the Netherlands and take a look at Burger's Zoo as well. This petting zoo is located on the same street as Arhem's most famous Armhem/Museums.


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