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By train

Amsterdam is linked to the EuroCity rail network. There are hardly any direct connections to German cities, you have to change trains at least once. There are good offers on the well equipped rail system within the Netherlands if you buy a special ticket allowing you to travel the length and breadth of the country for a limited period.The larger travel agents will be able to provide you with information. Amsterdam International Station (CS) is located in the centre of the city right next door to the Amsterdam Tourist Office VVV (see information). You can get trams and buses from the stops in front of the station building to almost every district in the city. This is also where the taxi drivers wait for customers – but beware: the Amsterdam "cabbies" do not have the best reputation, they will often take a circuitous route or charge false rates.

Centraal Station
Stationsplein 1
Local public transport : Tel.  0900 92 92 ( € 0,40 per minute)
International information : Tel.  0900 84 18 ( € 1,25 per call)

By plane

Schiphol airport is about 10 km outside the city with a local train link every 15 minutes during the day and hourly at night to Central Station (CS = Centraal Station), a ticket costs € 3 to 4,50 Euro and the journey time is approx. 20 minutes. The station in the airport is underground and linked to the terminal building by a pedestrian tunnel. The airline KLM also offers a bus transfer, for € 7 euro you can get to all the big Amsterdam hotels. Schiphol taxis charge € 35 Euro for a journey into the city centre.

Schiphol Airport: Tel  6019111 or 0900 72 44 74 65
KLM: Tel.  4747747
Lufthansa: Tel.  6 01 09 66
Taxi: Tel.  6 53 10 00

By car

Your car should have a nationality sticker if you drive to the Netherlands. You must keep to the speed limits: 50 km/h in built-up areas, 70 km/h on country roads and 100 km/h on motorways! In the centre of Amsterdam parking places are few and far between and stiff penalties await anyone who parks their car in the wrong place. It is better to park your car at the edge of the city and take public transport into the city centre. Park and ride car parks with connections to the bus or underground can be found in Gaasperplas, Diemen-Zuid, Bijlmer, Buikslotermeerplein and Flevoparkbad. Please take care if carrying out tricky parking maneouvres next to a canal! The Dutch automobile association ANWB can be contacted in case of breakdown (Tel : 08000888) and provides information on the traffic situation (Tel : 0900 96 22 ).


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